Dispatch Operations & Communications Center

Our company utilizes an in-house and centralized Dispatch Center that handles all inbound telephone calls and “Requests For Service” (RFS) for our various divisions.

It is the chief priority of our Dispatch Center to serve as the operational hub and clearing house for all communications that relate to the facilitation of priority service and response to our customer and client Requests For Service (RFS).

Our Dispatch Center also includes our radio communications, as well as, our mobile data terminal (MDT) systems, which operate to serve and support our operations.

Our Dispatch Center handles a high volume of telephone and radio communications traffic. Accordingly, we ask that callers to our corporate Dispatch Center to please be clear, prompt and specific about what service(s) they are in need of and requesting. This will allow our dispatchers to quickly prioritize the call and route it to the most appropriate division for the service(s) requested.