Mobile Battery Service

Southwest Roadside Assistance

For services, please call:

(740) 974-9361

“Coming to a disabled vehicle near you!”

We offer mobile battery services, such as sales, service, installation & testing.

Our roadside assistance vehicles stock the most popular “universal fit” battery group sizes!

We also service RV’s and boats, as well as construction & heavy equipment!

That’s right, we can assist with your RV or Travel Trailer and Semi Tractors too!

We are an authorized dealer for Interstate Batteries and stock the most common group sizes, including automotive groups: 75, 78 and the common group 31 that is used in semis/RV’s and construction/heavy equipment. From time to time, we may have “used” batteries in stock, but are subject to current availability. For battery sales and pricing, please contact our office.

Notice for used/Reman batteries: Any used or re-manufactured (reman) batteries that we have in stock/sell may be of any brand that we have available in current stock on hand. Used/Reman batteries do not have any warranty and are sold strictly “as-is” with no refunds, returns or exchanges. 

Notice for new batteries: Any new batteries that we sell, specifically as “New” will have the warranty thru the manufacture of the battery. We do not warranty batteries thru our facility, as all battery warranties are handled directly with the battery manufacture. As such, we are unable to accept any “pro-rated” warranties, exchanges or otherwise for any battery warranty claim. Please contact the battery manufacture to inquire how to warranty a battery with them directly. 

Notice regarding battery cores: All battery sales will require a customer “core” return with the battery purchase, otherwise there will be a “Core Charge” applied to the balance due. A “core” is the old/used customer battery that we remove and take when we install a replacement battery. If a customer decides that they want to keep their old/used battery, then there will be a “Core Charge” applied to the bill. In the event that a “Core Charge” is billed to a customer, we do not offer any return, refund or exchange of the “Core Charge/Core Fee” after the transaction has been billed and closed. The price of a “Core Charge” billed depends on the type of battery being sold and the “core” must be of equal type/size, otherwise the sale is subject to a “Core Charge”. We charge this “Core Charge/Core Fee” because we are required to exchange batteries “1-for-1” with our battery distributor and your old/used battery allows us to complete this process, otherwise we are accessed the same core fee and we pass it along to customers who do not have a core to surrender/turn in with their purchase. 

We offer battery services to all retail customers, from standard automotive and light truck to motorcycles & boats. We also offer services to RV and Travel Trailer customers, as well as semi tractors, construction and heavy equipment.

Our facility also offers battery Boosts and Jump-Starting services, as well as battery recharging (speed-charging) services. We can jump/boost various vehicles, from cars & trucks to RV’s & Semi tractors, construction/heavy equipment and even motorcycles or boats (when docked). Please call to inquire, if you are in need of jump-starting, battery boost or battery charging services.


For more information about batteries, the terminology used and the differences with charging, jumping and boosting batteries, please click HERE for additional details!