Who we are:
Southwest Companies, LLC is a “Family of Companies” that serves as the operating entity “parent” for each of our various subsidiaries, which in turn serves the needs of customers within specific industry markets. Please visit the web page for the specific subsidiary/market for which you are needing service for more information about those services.

Our Divisions:

Our background:
Southwest Companies, LLC is an Ohio based company and has been in operation since originally established with the start of business operations in mid-2000. The company underwent reorganization in late-2006 to become a Limited Liability Company.

Since 2006, Southwest Companies, LLC has functioned as the “parent company” under which the subsidiaries operate. Each subsidiaries’ functions and operations are specific to the industry for which it is servicing. Southwest Companies, LLC serves as the corporate main hub for all business operations.

Our purpose is to serve the needs of the customers in the various markets which our subsidiaries operate.