TERMS of Service for Agero-Swoop


As such, we hereby restate our company TERMS & Conditions below:


  1. We (Our company/facility) are a NON-contract provider! Agero-Swoop signifies agreement to this by providing VCC (Virtual Credit Card) information for payment of a dispatch and that our facility is NOT bound by any terms & conditions of Agero-Swoop.
  2. Agero-Swoop signifies acceptance of our company Terms & Conditions by providing VCC (Virtual Credit Card) information for payment of a “Dispatch Service Request” and that our facility is NOT bound by any terms & conditions of Agero-Swoop.
  3. As a NON-contract provider, we require, as a matter of our company policy, a 100% GOA rate. In any case where the customer is Unable to be Located (UTL), is a GOA (Gone on Arrival), Customer no longer needs service, Customer declines/refuses services or for any other reason, the initial amount quoted/billed is NON-Refundable for the “Dispatch Service Request”. In any case where there may be a discrepancy between the amount that an Agero-Swoop dispatcher could list for a GOA rate, be fully advised that our company policy REQUIRES a 100% GOA rate in every case, and as such a 100% GOA rate shall prevail as the amount due for any “Service Dispatch Request”; Agero-Swoop signifies acceptance to this by providing a VCC payment information.
  4. This transaction is a billable charge as a “Dispatch Service Request” and the initial quote/amount billed for the “Dispatch Service Request” is a NON-Refundable and Non-negotiable charge and Agero-Swoop signifies acceptance by providing VCC (Virtual Credit Card) information. Payment is for the act of: Dispatching Services which we provide.

Again, as per our company terms of service, as a non-contract provider, Agero-Swoop signifies acceptance to our terms by providing VCC payment information and as a condition of our terms, is that in any case or event, that all charges billed are final with NO refund, including that any GOA is still a billable service at 100%. We are NOT responsible for any instance where Agero-Swoop may have dispatched multiple companies to the customer location for service and in any event our charge for the “Dispatch Service Request” is still a NON-refundable charge for handling the “Dispatch Service Request”, with NO exceptions. Our company will dispatch our truck to the customer location where service was needed and that IS a billable charge for handling the dispatch and it is NON-Refundable, with NO discounts and NO cancellations, and in ANY event billed at the full price (100%) for the “Dispatch Service Request” and Agero-Swoop signifies acceptance by providing (VCC) Virtual Credit Card information, for payment of any “Dispatch Service Request”.

There are NO cancellations in the event of a GOA, and services were provided by our company in the form of “dispatching services” in the form of our facility accepting the service request and dispatching our truck to the location where service was requested and as such there are NO refunds for any services our facility provides and Agero-Swoop signified acceptance to such terms by providing VCC information for the Dispatch Service Request!


Any dispatch information and/or credit card information, including Virtual Credit Card (herein after known as “VCC”) information provided, shall signify that Agero-Swoop, herein after referred to as CCMC, does knowingly acknowledge and agree to acceptance of the herein TERMS, including as follows;



  • “Dispatch Information” = 
  • “Customer Information” = 
  • “Service Call” = 
  • “Request for Service” = 
  • “CCMC” = 
  • “Club” = 
  • “Motor Club” = 
  • “Southwest” = 
  • “Non-Contract” = 
  • “Parties” = 
  • “Customer” = 
  • “Insured” = 
  • “Program” = 
  • “Program Coverage” = 
  • “Program Information” = 
  • “Program Benefit Limit” = 
  • “Program Benefit Coverage” = 
  • “Benefit Limit” = 
  • “Customer Out-of-Pocket” = 
  • “Customer Expense” = 
  • “Program Overage(s)” = 
  • “Customer Decline Service(s)” = 
  • “Customer Cancel Service(s)” = 
  • “Customer Refuse Service(s)” = 
  • “Credit Card Information” = 
  • “Virtual Credit Card” = 
  • “Remittance Authorization” = 
  • GOA / “Gone-on-Arrival” = 
  • UTL / “Unable-to-Locate” = 
  • “TERMS” = 
  • “Terms of Service” = 
  • “Terms & Conditions” = 
  • “Cancellation(s)” = 
  • “Refund(s)” = 
  • “Non-Refundable” = 
  • “Discount(s)” = 
  • “For Any Other Reason” = 
  • “Instances/Occasions/Events” = 

TERMS of Service:

  • Service Provider, herein known and after referred collectively to as “Southwest” is a NON-CONTRACT provider and as such is NOT, IN ANY WAY, bound by or held to any terms/conditions set forth by “CCMC”
  • There are NO REFUNDS and ALL PAYMENT(s) ARE FINAL WITH NO REFUND(s), NO CANCELLATION(s) and NO DISCOUNT(s); if FOR ANY REASON, a dispatch is a GOA (Gone-on-Arrival), UTL (Unable-to-Locate), Customer declined services, Customer cancel service, OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON, the “Service Call Fee” shall be a 100% price of the quote that was provided to “CCMC” and that “CCMC” agreed acceptance to to these TERMS by providing “VCC” information, inclusive of the “NO REFUND/ALL SALES ARE FINAL” policy of “Southwest”
  • “CCMC” shall provide dispatch information to “Southwest” via email, to which shall also signify that “CCMC” fully agrees to these herein stated TERMS
  • “CCMC” shall provide “VCC” information to “Southwest” via email, to which shall also signify that “CCMC” fully agrees to these herein stated TERMS
  • “CCMC” shall hereby agree that there are NO REFUND(s) and NO DISCOUNT(s) for ANY INSTANCES/OCCASIONS/EVENTS where “CCMC” at a later time and/or date seeks any refund, discount or otherwise dispute of any payment that was processed as a credit card transaction, including “VCC” that was made payable to “Southwest” by “CCMC” and that in ALL INSTANCES/OCCASIONS/EVENTS that “CCMC” understands and agrees that *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*
  • “CCMC” shall agree that any assertion by “CCMC” of any discount for a GOA rate is incorrect and that the TERMS as set forth by “Southwest” shall superseded any information, documentation or otherwise that “CCMC” may attempt to assert against “Southwest”; This clause is again to clarify and assert that any GOA and/or cancellation shall be at a 100% NON-REFUNDABLE rate with NO REFUND and NO DISCOUNT. 
  • Should “CCMC” not agree to these herein stated TERMS, the option “CCMC” has is to NOT provide “Southwest” with any “VCC” information and/or “Dispatch Information” 
  • These TERMS shall be governed by the applicable laws and statutes of the State of Ohio, within the County of: FAIRFIELD, with the jurisdiction of said county. This is hereby agreed to and established by means of the physical presence of “Southwest” in the said jurisdiction.