Flat Repair

Southwest Roadside Assistance

For services, please call:

(740) 974-9361

“Coming to a disabled vehicle near you!”

Do you have a flat tire due to a nail or screw that is stuck somewhere within the tread area of the tire? We can potentially plug that for you and save you a trip to a tire repair center! *Some conditions apply

Our roadside assistance vehicles carry Tire Plugs that are DOT approved for continuous use on highway vehicles. The plugs we use have a “glue” embedded in them that allow them to emulsify and become a permanent repair to most tires.


Please note: Not all tire punctures can be plugged at the roadside disablement location. In some instances, a vehicle may need to be towed, if a tire repair is not possible and/or if a tire service center may need to conduct further repairs via means of a “tire patch”. Although the tire plugs that we use are DOT approved for highway use and are considered a “permanent repair”, in most instances, we do not offer any warranty on tire plugs or tire repair services. Tire repair services are offered by our facility as an alternative to initially having a vehicle towed for a flat tire or when a spare tire may not be available or a customer prefers to not use a spare tire. As a reminder: “spare/donut” tires are for TEMPORARY use only and are, in most instances, limited to a max freeway speed of 60 miles per hour (MPH).