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“We Plow The Competition Under”

We offer snow plowing to commercial and residential customers. We do not require contracts! However, we can provide regular services on a season-to-season basis. We also provide on time or automatic response. Just give us a call to schedule automatic services or when you need service and we’ll be there to get you plowed out.
We also offer ice control services, with the application of select products to help control ice and increase traction of slippery services.
We can provide the ice control materials for application or we can apply customer supplied materials. So if you have your own salt, sand, calcium chloride, we can apply it for you.
We offer application of salt; sand or a salt/sand combination. The use of sand helps to increase traction and when applied in combination of salt/sand, the slippery surface will become more of a “sandpaper” texture if the surface should “refreeze”.
We highly recommend the application/use of SAND instead of salt to control ice conditions on driveways/sidewalks. This is because salt may melt the current ice on the surface, but then the water may refreeze, resulting again in an icy condition. The application/use of sand is more effective at controlling the icy conditions by providing traction instead of battling a thaw/refreeze condition. Plus. the use of sand is also more environmentally friendly! The sand we use is a course/general purpose sane and is NOT fine sand, such as play box sand.
Choosing the right ice control material that will melt ice and not cause damages to the surface is an important matter. Please follow this link to an external website for further information about the use of various chemicals for ice control. But, as always, our facility recommends the use of general purpose course grade sand for most all ice conditions for traction on the pavement surface and to help prevent slips/falls.

We can provide single incident response or if you would like to setup an automatic response to come and plow and/or apply ice control materials anytime there is snow more than a specified depth and/or there is ice and slick conditions, we’re here to help. For automatic responses (where we will automatically come out when snow is more than a specific depth, say 2″ for example) we require a signed service authorization form. This service authorization form can be downloaded, filled out and mailed back to our facility. For any auto responses where a credit/debit card is being used for payment for auto response services, we REQUIRE that we have a hard copy (signed/printed copy) of this form on file in our office.

We offer “on-call” service and also scheduled visits to your location to preform service.
We look forward to providing services to get you plowed outta the snow!
We can be reached at: (740) 974-1500
*If no answer, please leave a message, with your name, phone #, address and service requested. During time of high call volumes, we may not be able to immediately answer your call, but we WILL return your phone call to arrange services as soon as possible, so please leave a message!
We accept Visa/MasterCard through our merchant processor: Square and as always, we accept CASH payments. Please be aware however, that we do NOT accept any business/personal checks for payments.
Payment is due AT TIME OF SERVICES. Please be aware that once our driver arrives onscene, you will need to pay prior to services being preformed, as this is our company payment policy. We do provide invoice options to BUSINESS customers only, after establishing a payment relationship with our company in advance of any service requests. If you are a business and interested in having our facility provide services for your property, please contact our office.
Terms of Service: There is no warranty nor guarantee that services of snow plowing will be able to plow down to bear pavement base. There is no warranty nor guarantee that application of sand, salt and/or mix will effectively provide traction for vehicle(s) and/or reduce/prevent any slip and fall hazard. Customer understands that by requesting and authorizing the above indicated service(s) to be performed, there is risk of damage to property, including, but not limited to: pavement materials & surrounding (asphalt, blacktop, concrete, gravel, dirt, lawn/grass/planting, etc) as a result of the service(s) being performed, such as to include, but not limited to: blade causing damage/digging up portions of pavement materials & surroundings and/or by placement of plowed snow and hereby agrees to release all liability from Southwest Snow Plowing for any and all damages which may occur, whether directly and/or indirectly as a result of any such services performed and customer accepts liability for any such damages which may occur.