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“See Ya In The Ditch”

Whether you slid your vehicle off the road and into a ditch, got stuck in the snow/mud/sand/water, we can help get you back on the road again!

Our facility specializes in winching & recovery services. Our operators have undergone extensive industry training & certification that is nationally recognized for this specific type of work. Our operators fully understand what it takes to get your vehicle unstuck and recover it back to the roadway.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation and are unable to get your vehicle unstuck, please contact us for winching/recovery services. Also, please be aware, that due to the type and nature of this work, we are unable to give any specific pricing/quotes over the phone (sight unseen). We require our recovery operator to arrive onscene and perform a site survey of the incident, before we can generate any more specific pricing.

“Recovery” Explained…

First off, please understand that “Recovery”, is NOT the same as “Repossession” , also know as “Repo” work and they are two totally different things! Likewise, there is a difference between basic “winching” services and to a point that a job then becomes a “recovery”. A trained & certified operator knows how to distinguish and can explain these differences to a customer, regarding the specific situation of how a vehicle is stuck. Recovery work is billed differently that “basic” winching, and for good reason! The liability that is undertaken by a company is much higher for recovery work, along with a much higher level of forces that are being applied to our equipment to pull a vehicle out and get it unstuck! Simply put, if it were “an easy pull”, then you wouldn’t need our help.

Off-Road recovery is a specialized service that we offer. For details, please see our Off-Road Recovery section of the website for additional details and explanations regarding what is entailed in recovery work.

It is very important to understand that just because a towing company may have the words “& Recovery” in their name, have a tow truck that may or may not be equipped with a winch and/or boom, doesn’t mean that the person that arrives at the scene is specifically trained or skilled to assist in your situation. Winching & Recovery operations entail a whole list of extremely technical mathematical formulas, as well as the actual physics and geometry to “do the pull”.

Our company has taken the time and expense to invest into our tow operators by sending them to specific training & certification courses where they have undergone extensive classroom and hands-on practical skills training exercises to allow them to have a strong working knowledge and the skills needed for this type of work. This is so that our operators fully understand all aspects of: what to do, how to do it, why to do it and also why it all works together to get the vehicle unstuck and on the road again! We don’t simply “hook on and pull, hoping that it works”, but instead we know what will and won’t work, as well as having other plans to facilitate the recovery. This is our company’s dedication to you, our customer, to ensure that our operators can undertake the tough recovery & winching operations successfully, from a simple scenario of a vehicle sliding off an ice and snow covered road into a ditch to the vehicle that is rolled over on it’s top/side or even a 4×4 off-road recovery of pulling a truck out of a mud hole that is buried frame deep in the mud way back in the farm field. We feel confident that we can get the job done.

We caution you to be careful when attempting to get yourself unstuck or allowing anyone else to try to assist you and pull you out…this is because of the high probability of damage to your vehicle if done improperly. Not all tow companies are the same and not all tow companies can do recovery & winching without causing extensive/avoidable damage to your vehicle. It comes down to having the knowledge, skills, ability and right equipment, including any special equipment that might be needed to facilitate a successful recovery. Our company has invested in additional “special equipment” that is above/beyond that of the “typical” towing company. These additional pieces of “special equipment” allow our operators to be fully equipped to assist in your situation.

Here are a few YouTube video clips of why it’s important to select a professional, trained, certified and properly equipped company to assist you with any winching & recovery situations:

Although friends and good samaritans have the intent to help, it may cause the situation to become much worse, often times resulting in extensive damages to a vehicle that could have otherwise been avoided if a professional and trained/certified towing & recovery operator had been called to help in the first place. Knowing why and where to hook up to a vehicle that is stuck is paramount, just as knowing how and at what angle to pull the vehicle to get it unstuck. Play it safe and call us to assist!

For more details about Off-Road Recovery, please visit that section of our website: HERE

Southwest Winching & Recovery

24-Hour Dispatch:

(740) 974-9361

“See Ya In The Ditch”

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