KC8MLN Repeater Club

The KC8MLN Repeater Club is owned/operated by FCC Licensed Amateur (HAM) Radio Operator, Mr. Tom Gary (KC8MLN), and is based in Lancaster, Ohio (Fairfield County) USA

This is a CLOSED system of amateur radio repeaters and a membership is REQUIRED to access our system. Due to the significant costs incurred to create and maintain this network, the membership subscription dues helps to offset the costs associated with continued system maintenance and operation. 


The current system consists of repeaters and simplex links on the following amateur radio bands: 6-Meter, 144 Mhz / 2-Meter (VHF), 220 Mhz / 1.25-Meter, 440Mhz (70cm) UHF and the 900Mhz band. 

The system is cross linked and capable of multi-mixed-mode operation, supporting various digital formats, such as: DMR, P25, D-Star, YSF/C4FM, NXDN, POCSAG, Packet and APRS. The system is capable of switching between formats automatically. 

Currently, our network is operating exclusively in P25 and NXDN digital formats during testing phases and is NOT available to new members. Additional system status and membership details will be announced at a later date, after system testing has been completed. 

Tom Gary – KC8MLN