Agero-Swoop Class Action

This information is being collected regarding a potential Class Action Lawsuit against Agero-Swoop. There are two classes of potential plaintiffs: the first being towing & recovery and roadside assistance providers; the second being “the motoring public (cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s & travel trailers)” who had their vehicle become disabled and attempted to use roadside assistance programs to obtain roadside assistance and towing services through the Agero-Swoop network/platform.

Please provide the following information to inquire if you may be one of the classes of plaintiffs in this potential litigation. The information you submit will be used only for purposes of this investigation.

Plaintiff Class #1 – Towing & Recovery / Roadside Assistance Providers

If you are a towing & recovery and roadside assistance provider, please submit the following information to inquire if you may be a qualified member of the class of plaintiffs in this case. Please follow THIS LINK *Your responses are not shared.

Plaintiff Class #2 – Motoring Public / Stranded Motorists

If you have been a “Stranded Motorist” and have any issues with obtaining the needed/requested services through Agero-Swoop, please submit the following information via THIS LINK to inquire if you may be a qualified member of the class of plaintiffs in this case.  *Your responses are not shared.

***Please Note: That the questions pertaining to “Stranded Motorists” who have experienced problems, such as:

  • Longer than 1-Hour (60-Minute) ETA until someone actually arrived to provide needed assistance (towing and/or Roadside Assistance
  • You waited MORE  than 1-Hour (60-Minute) at the disablement location (side of the roadway), ie, Agero-Swoop left you stranded for HOURS, waiting for help to arrive.
  • You requested assistance with an RV or Travel-Trailer (such as Mobile Mechanic Services) and Agero-Swoop left you stranded for hours and/or days.
  • You were told by Agero-Swoop “We’re having difficulty finding a Service Provider to assist” or similar.
  • You were told that you needed to “Pay Out-of-Pocket” for services and then seek “Reimbursement Consideration”
  • You were told by Agero-Swoop that you were NOT “fully” covered, because they had/needed to use an “Out-of-Network/Non-Contract” Service Provider.
  • The Service Provider (towing/roadside assistance company actually coming to help you) stated that Agero-Swoop had not provided coverage information/remitted payment for services
  • Your vehicle was IMPOUNDED because Agero-Swoop didn’t pay the Service Provider (towing/roadside assistance company that actually helped you and your vehicle).
  • Your Insurance Company or Vehicle Manufacture offered you a “Roadside Assistance Program” that was administered by a third party named, Agero-Swoop.
  • You’ve experienced problems with Agero-Swoop and your Insurance Company or Vehicle Manufacture hasn’t assisted you with rectifying the matter, ie, they just pointed the finger back at Agero-Swoop.
If you’ve experienced any of these issues listed above, or you otherwise feel that you have been wronged by Agero-Swoop as it relates to their administration of the Roadside Assistance Program that you had utilized to request towing and/or roadside assistance with your vehicle, then please complete the survey submission form. All data provided will be reviewed by the law firm handling this case and you may be contacted for further details, if needed. Information you submit will not be sold; Information collected will only be used for investigation and matters related to this case. Thank you for your time and submission!

LEGAL NOTICE: The information presented and/or requested herein shall not be considered legal advice; please consult with your own legal counsel should you have specific questions regarding your individualized situation and potential remedies. By providing your information, you do so voluntarily upon your own choice.

The Law Firm that has been officially retained and that is handling this matter, pertaining to a Class Action lawsuit against Agero-Swoop is as follows:

DiCello Levitt LLC has been retained by an Ohio-based Towing & Roadside Assistance company to investigate: Agero, Inc., Agero-Swoop, and possibly other entities, regarding business practices involving chargebacks, virtual credit cards (VCC’s), and other payment issues in connection with towing and roadside assistance services. If you are a towing or roadside assistance company that has provided services to Agero, Inc., Agero-Swoop, or other related entities, attorneys at DiCello Levitt LLC would like to hear from you regarding your experiences. Please call the law firm office # 312-214-7900. DiCello Levitt LLC is a law firm dedicated to achieving justice for those who have been harmed by unscrupulous business practices, including through class action, business-to-business, and whistleblower litigation.