Buckeye Wi-Fi

Buckeye WiFi / Buckeye Wi-Fi is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that provides broadband (high-speed) wireless internet service to fixed customer locations, such as residential homes/rental properties, business and other commercial customers. 

We’re an ideal solution for both rural customers who have no internet service options or poor quality service in their area. Looking to find alternative options to a “coaxial/cord” connection, then check us out! We can also provide wireless broadband (wi-fi) internet to your location as an alternative solution for suburban customers too! 

Our internet service is an “always-on” connection, unlike the coaxial cable internet offerings of our competitors. Remember the days when a landline telephone was the norm and it still worked even when the power went out? Well, our network is similar, but a little different: What this means is that during power outages, the traditional cable system providers that use coaxial based internet, their equipment and internet connection stops working, whereas, ours doesn’t* (provided that your location continues to have available power to the network equipment at your location, via the local Utility Power grid, Uninterruptible Power Supply/Generator or Solar/Battery solutions)

Our current primary service area comprises of the following locations within Ohio:

  • Fairfield County
    • Including (portions) of the following cities:
      • Lancaster
      • Sugar Grove
      • Bremen
      • Rushville
  • Hocking County
    • Including (portions) of the following cities:
      • Hideaway Hills
      • Rockbridge
      • Logan
  • Perry County
    • Including (portions) of the following cities:
      • Somerset

Please check back with regularly, as our service areas continue to grow!

Interested in getting WISP service to your location? Find out how!

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