Southwest Storage


Southwest Storage Facility


We are a private facility that serves the needs of our clients for the storage of vehicles, boats, trailers, equipment and other private personal property. From simple storage of cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RV’s and trailers to storage lockers that provide inside/enclosed storage of personal property, we’re here to serve the needs of our customers and clients.

We operate separate locations to fulfill these needs and to provide a wider service area that’s within a close proximity to the cities which we serve. Some locations we offer the “traditional” storage locker and/or outside storage/parking areas, while other locations are private locations that are utilized exclusively for our contract clients. We do offer inside storage of vehicles, such as cars/trucks, boats, RV’s and motorcycles at select locations.

Our locations are secured with access control gates, fencing, security lighting and 24-hour surveillance & alarms. Admittance to our storage areas is limited to current customers and clients with a valid contract in place.

We operate two divisions to serve different and unique needs within the market. Southwest Storage is our “retail” division that serves the “traditional” self-storage locker and parking/storage areas; whereas, Southwest Storage Facility services our contract clients for their unique storage needs, whether it be a vehicle to a piece of construction equipment.

Additionally, we provide both consensual & non-consensual storage services to our contract clients. Consensual services are serviced under our “Contract for Storage” agreements, which are signed between the customer seeking the storage service and our company; Non-consensual storage services are provided to our contract clients that are in need of storing vehicles, equipment and other items that are being held under specific legal authorities, such as, but not limited to: Repossession, Law Enforcement & Investigatory Holds, Private Property & Tow-Away Zones; and others as warranted.

If our facility is in possession of your vehicle, equipment or other property under the authority of a Non-consensual storage term, there are very specific procedures that must be adhered to, in order to reclaim your vehicle, especially true if there is any type of “Hold” placed on the vehicle, equipment or property.

In instances where we are storing your vehicle, equipment or other property under a consensual “Contract for Storage” agreement, there are also specific legal terms, rights & remedies in place for both parties of the contract. In some instances, a vehicle, equipment and/or other property may undergo forfeiture via legal process if the owner fails to complete the terms of storage (such as failing to pickup the vehicle, equipment or property), as outlined in the contract, including a customer who fails to make payment for any/all applicable services, including, but not limited to: storage services and/or any other services rendered by any other divisions of our company, including, but not limited to: towing services.

Access control to our storage lots is coordinated by our central dispatch center. For any questions or additional information, please contact our dispatch office: (740) 974-9361