*** COVID-19 NOTICE ***

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The National State of Emergency Declaration and the Emergency Order, including the “Stay-at-Home/Shelter-in-Place Order” that has been issued by the Ohio Department of Health and the Governor of Ohio, our company will operate as follows:

Effective immediately, all non-essential operations will be directed to work remotely and all essential business operations and divisions that are classified as critical, will remain open and will operate in compliance with the acts/orders and guidelines that have been established by the various federal, state and local governmental agencies. Our company has implemented additional safety measures during this national time of crisis. Of the various business operations that we provide that have been classified as Critical and Essential that will remain open and operate, those employees shall report for duty, as per the company and departmental policies and provisions that have been implemented. Any visitors are hereby provided notice that they MUST CALL-AHEAD, prior to arriving at any of our facility locations and that such visitors will be required to adhere to the policies & procedures that our facilities have in place, otherwise entrance may be delayed or denied, depending upon the circumstances in each case. ***VIOLATION OF ANY PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY EMPLOYEES OR VISITORS***

Additionally, due to the guidelines and restrictions regarding spacing of individuals, please make note, that effective immediately, our company may not be able to allow/permit “passengers/riders” in our company vehicles, unless in certain emergency situations, where deemed appropriate and at the sole discretion of our administrative staff, while observing the guidelines that has been issued by the various governmental agencies, in response to COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation as our nation addresses the current situation. Thank you.